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Stories from Our Nomadic Tribe

Empower your digital nomad journey with the ultimate tool for handling client changes, preventing scope creep, and navigating through general project complexities.

  • Secure Resource Access Anytime, Anywhere

    Secure Resource Access Anytime, Anywhere

    Our client portal provides a secure gateway for digital nomads to access essential resources, documents, and project details from anywhere in the world.

  • Real-time Collaboration

    Real-time Collaboration

    Whether it’s brainstorming ideas or collectively editing documents, these features enhance teamwork and help digital nomads overcome the challenges of physical distance.

  • Document Creation and Sharing

    Document Creation and Sharing

    This feature allows digital nomads to draft proposals, estimates, contracts, and more directly within the portal, fostering a streamlined workflow.

SuperOkay Podcast

#01 | How do you improve SEO? W/ Daniel Schoester

Welcome to the first episode of the SuperOkay Podcast where one of our founders, Maria Constantinescu, has a conversation with one of our users about the ins and outs of a successful agency business. Here she’s talking to Daniel Schoester, a digital nomad and self made SEO expert, who went from graduating university to running a thriving content agency in 3 short years. All with the goal of running this as a digital nomad and planting it in the DNA of the business from its inception.

Elevate your experience with our enhanced documents.


Capture client requests

Gather requirements from your clients and consolidate all details in one brief. Use the interactive Q&A blocks to get input from them.


Create beautiful proposals

Create proposals which win you better work. Include briefs, estimates, create shared links and see when your client opened the link.


Professional quotes & estimates

Use estimates to break down the project’s scope into more manageable items that you can estimate. Help your clients understand what goes into building their product.

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