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Scope changes 
All in one place.

Forget relentless email chains and attachments, SuperOkay is where service providers can focus on work instead of paperwork.

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Your secret weapon to managing client changes, scope creep and general project mayhem

  • Upgrade to smart documents

    Save time and money with interactive briefs, proposals, and estimates.

  • Get analytics on your client interactions

    Share your smart documents via a unique link to get insights into your client’s needs.

  • Always stay on the same page

    Keep everything in one place and get granular approvals throughout the life of the project.

Upgrade to our superpowered documents


Capture client requests

Gather requirements from your clients and consolidate all details in one brief. Use the interactive Q&A blocks to get input from them.


Create beautiful proposals

Create proposals which win you better work. Include briefs, estimates, create shared links and see when your client opened the link.


Professional quotes & estimates

Use estimates to break down the project’s scope into more manageable items that you can estimate. Help your clients understand what goes into building their product.

A content library of reusable blocks and templates.

Case Studies

Create case studies of your past work, add client testimonials and reuse them in any Proposal or Brief.

Reusable Blocks

Save parts of documents you use often in your Library, as well as Team Bios, Case Studies & Billable Services.

Team Bios

Create rich team bios for your key people then easily include them in Proposals.

Billable Services

Save and reuse your most commonly used services and rates.

Get your SuperOkay!

Clients review and approve briefs, proposals, estimates and updates in a seamless flow.

Boost your productivity.

SuperOkay is a productivity tool for service providers that aims to harmonize your client-facing interactions and tighten this relationship, so as you always agree on what you’re doing, how much it costs and when it’s going to be ready.