Your white-labeled client interface.

Gain clarity into your projects, customize a beautiful client portal for sharing documents, content, tasks, links, and embedded apps with your client. All in a beautifully designed interface your clients will simply know how to use.

An impressive client portal in 5 minutes.

Deep Branding

White label, blue label, anything-you-want label.

Customize each project portal with the client’s logo, colors, images, and fonts.

Impress your client with an interface that looks like it took days to customize for them.

Quick Links

Your project launchpad.

The most important links your client needs to have at hand.

The ones they keep asking you for over and over again.

Updates Timeline

Enable project transparency and accountability.

No more guessing or searching through emails.

With a shared timeline of documents and action items, everybody’s on the same page.

white label client portal
white label client portal

Custom Login Page

Make an impact from the first click

Customize the look of your portal login page. Make it unique to your brand.

Custom Favicon & Open Graph Data

Your portal links will look great everywhere.

Upload a custom favicon, and set the title, description, and preview image for when your portal links are being shared in chat apps, Slack, and so on.

white label client portal

Send interactive docs

Build any doc

Use our powerful Input Types to build the right doc for any project. Collect all the information you need with our beautiful responsive docs that you can share with your client.

  • Long Text

    Textarea text-based answers

  • Multiple Choice

    Show multiple options to be selected from

  • Image Choice

    Show a selection of images to choose from

  • File Upload

    Ask your client to attach images and files

  • Rating

    Show a scale with numbers or icons to rate the answer on

  • Slider

    Show a slider between two opposing values and place the answer between them.

  • 2D Slider

    Pick an answer by visually placing it on a 2D graph with labels

  • Want to try it out? Create a doc
white label client portal

Keep projects moving with in-context action items

On Projects

Add action items to projects and get an overview of what needs to be done by both the client and yourself.

All in one place

All your action items get centralized on the Action Items section of your client portal.

On Documents

Add action items on individual documents to track more specific tasks and requirements.

Privacy Controls

Action items can be private to you and your team, or shared with the client. All in the same place.

Connect the apps you already use

Give your client access to hundreds of apps and producs. Figma prototypes, Airtable bases, Trello boards, Miro boards and many many more.

  • Airtable bases

    Airtable bases

    Project trackers, CRMs, databases, forms. Embed any Airtable base.

  • Figma Prototypes

    Figma Prototypes

    Share your smart documents via a unique link to get insights into your client’s needs.

  • Miro boards

    Miro boards

    Embed whiteboards, diagrams, flowcharts, and other Miro boards.

  • Data Studio Reports

    Data Studio Reports

    Embed any dashboard from your Google Data Studio account

  • Drive Folder

    Drive Folder

    Embed the contents of any Google Drive folder

  • And hundreds more

    And hundreds more

    If you app offers an embed feature, you can add it to SuperOkay

Get client sign-off faster than ever

Simple approval workflow

Get client sign-off on any document by simply placing an Approval button inside.

Responsive and real-time

Your documents will look great on mobile devices and changes are visible in real-time. No need to send proposal_v24.pdf anymore.


Forget the blank page.

SuperOkay Templates

With our pre-built templates to choose from, it’s easy to find the right one that will impress your clients.

Your Templates comming soon…

Create your own Proposal, Brief, or Estimate templates to save time and make sure your documents look amazing every single time.

Reuse Everything

Save time by adding parts of documents you use often to your Content Library.

Reusable Blocks

Save parts of documents you use often in your Library, as well as Team Bios, Case Studies & Billable Services.

Case Studies

Create case studies of your past work, add client testimonials and reuse them in any Proposal or Brief.

Team Bios

Create rich team bios for your key people then easily include them in Proposals.

Billable Services

Keep the services and fees you use often in one place and then use them in any quote.

white label client portal

What is a white label client portal?

A white label client portal is a piece of software that allows agencies and freelancers to communicate directly with their clients, without the need to use emails, google drive or any other intermediary tool. “White label” refers to the ability to customize the portal’s appearance and functionality to match your brand, so it looks like your own proprietary software.

How can a white label client portal benefit me?

A white label client portal can help you differentiate your business from your competition by giving your agency or business a customized and branded experience. This will make you look much more professional in the eyes of your clients!

One of the main advantages of a white label client portal is the ability to customize the platform’s look and feel to match your brand or your clients’ brands. This level of personalization can help you build a more meaningful connection with clients, while also reinforcing your brand identity and reputation.

client portal examples

How will a white label client portal make you look to your clients?

Join over 1,700 agencies and freelancers who impress their clients every day with SuperOkay.

white label client portal


5/5 Rating

white label client portal


4.6/5 Rating

white label client portal


4.6/5 Rating