Nice to meet you! We are SuperOkay. Let us introduce ourselves

Nice to meet you! We are SuperOkay. Let us introduce ourselves


We are Maria and Radu the founders of SuperOkay, an app to help digital agencies, software studios and freelancers better manage their sales, workflow and scope changes so as to increase clarity, profits, and stay on the same page with their clients.

We are also the founders of Perfect 10 Studio, a boutique product shop designing and building innovative digital products for more than 7 years now.

If, like us, you are a software studio, digital agency or freelancer your number one concern is keeping your clients happy while getting paid for your actual work, as well as acquiring new clients.

A few hard-learned lessons in our experience as a product agency are that: 1. Scope creep can eat your project margin. 2. Delays can ruin your client relationships. 3. Healthy on-boarding = happy clients and an even happier you. 4. Clarity is good for the bottom line.

If we step for a moment out of our specialised roles, as designers or software developers, we have to admit that these services are pretty much a black box to the the ‘lay’ person that is often our client. Some of the work we do is so abstract and difficult to explain that it almost seems easier to just do it free of charge.

We have been in this situation more than once until we decided to develop and put in place systems and best practices from the first contact with our clients through to completion that would allow us to both charge for our work and also keep our clients happy by better communicating what is going on.

These, plus some great efficiency features resulted in SuperOkay, a workflow platform to take the agency-client relationship from first contact, thought to Brief, Proposal, Estimation, ongoing scope changes and to successful completion from one control panel that keeps everything clear, agreed, and in one place.

We also listened to your feedback and heard your desire of making the job as easy as possible for your clients. As a result we decided to keep the collaborative features on the client side of the app at a minimum for now. In this new app your clients will initially be able to answer predefined Brief questions, approve Estimations, Briefs or whole Proposals without having to draft anything themselves. Client-side collaborative features will be increased over time based on specific feedback from you so that we keep things simple and only create new features where the value they bring far outweighs the complexity they add to using the app.

So, here is what you can now do on SuperOkay:

1. Set up your home base.

Create Team Bios, Case Studies, Set Billable Services to use and reuse every time you create a Proposal, all branded with your company logo and identity.

2. Set up your client Projects

These will most often represent one client space and will include the Brief, Proposal, Estimates and ongoing Scope Changes that will all be added to the Project.

3. Save Reusable Blocks

This our main efficiency hack which allows you to save any document or a module from any document as a Reusable Block. Say goodbye to tedious cut & paste patchwork documents that are prone to error and loss of information. Now templates drown from your best work will be saved and available a click away.

Now, some of the upcoming attractions:

1. Collaborative features with differentiated permissions for your in-house team.

2. Comment function for the Client side to add feedback to your Proposal in the exact section where they are relevant.

3. Live notifications to keep on top of your tasks, client questions and team updates.

Please allow us to help you get not just an “Ok” from potential clients, but a “SuperOkay”.

What you can do for us? Please use SuperOkay and send us your feedback at We promise to keep listening and reacting to your thoughts.

And in the meantime,

stay active, stay positive, stay healthy!

Maria & Radu