Travel Health vs International Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

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Long–term travel or living the digital nomad lifestyle can bring fun, eye-opening experiences, and a lot of adventure. Diving into new cultures, and meeting local communities while working remotely is a desirable way for online entrepreneurs to become freelancers. 

One thing that should be considered, besides business registration, tax residency, or long-stay visas, is health insurance. 

There are so many terms being used simultaneously for all the different types of insurance that it can be really stressful and time-consuming to figure out which insurance is best for individual circumstances. 

We prepared a short guide on how to choose your health insurance. 

Travel health insurance

This insurance type covers short-term travelers, from a few days up to a few years. The policy is limited to a specific length and can not be extended. In many cases, travel health insurance providers allow you to renew the plan which means you agree to a new contract.

Covered services include emergencies, sometimes medically necessary treatments, and evacuation flights back to your home country. Limitations are for pre-existing conditions, chronic illnesses that require long-term treatments, preventive care, and home country cover. 

If you get chronically ill during your travel coverage, and you want to renew your travel health insurance after the current one ends, please be aware that this chronic illness counts as a pre-existing condition and will not be covered by the new travel health insurance.

Travel health insurance is for you if you have access to a national health system, for example in your home country, as travel health insurance has limitations on the home country coverage. But because of these limitations, travel health insurance is a lot more affordable than international health insurance. 

International health insurance

If you travel long-term, for example, longer than 2 years, or you move abroad, international health insurance is a good fit. This type of insurance should cover many medical services.  For example preventive care. Pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, dental and vision care, mental health treatments, and vaccines are among the included services.
International health insurance is designed to cover you life-long and because of its broad included services, the subscription fees are much more than travel health insurance subscription fees. A foundation for the calculation of the subscription fee is mostly a medical questionnaire you need to fill out before you can sign up for this type of insurance.

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Genki Explorer is a travel health insurance with worldwide coverage for up to 2 years. You can easily renew after 2 years. Home country is covered for up to 42 consecutive days within 180 days. Included services are emergencies and medically necessary treatments, for example, an ear infection or the flu, pregnancies, initial mental health, or COVID-19 treatments. 

The monthly subscription fee starts from 39.30, depending on your age, the chosen region of coverage (incl. or excl. USA and Canada), and the deductible you choose. You can sign up while on the road, and it takes less than 1 minute. 

Genki Resident is an international health insurance designed to cover your life-long. The length of the coverage depends on how long you want to be covered. If you need to visit your home country due to medical treatments, the insurance coverage ends as well. Home country coverage is included for 180 days within 1 year but only when visiting your home country for any purposes except for medical purposes.

Genki Resident included services are all included services of the World Explorer plus telemedicine, medically necessary search and rescue, inpatient psychotherapy, alternative treatments, osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, dental and vision care, prenatal care, and childbirth as well as COVID treatments.

Genki Resident Premium provides more included services. For example, vaccinations, medical checkups, eyesight correction surgeries, glasses and contact lenses, dental cleaning twice per year, outpatient psychotherapy, outpatient rehabilitation measure, or first-trimester screening and amniocentesis.

The subscription fee depends on your age, the region of cover (incl. or excl. USA and Canada), and the chosen deductible. You need to fill out a medical questionnaire beforehand and send it to our insurance partner. The minimum subscription is one year with a monthly payment plan.
Genki is a German registered company, offering tailor-made insurance for digital nomads together with DR-WALTER, Allianz, and Barmenia.

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