What is white labeling and why it’s crucial for small businesses

What is white labeling 1

What is white labeling, really?

Here’s what wikipedia has to say:

A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

So in essence, it’s the process of a company taking advantage of another company’s established infrastructure to acquire a service or product that they can then brand as their own, without having to actually create it.

Who’s doing it?

White labeling and white label products have become a common trend in lots of different industries, even some you might not be expecting, such as:

Consumer goods 👕 (everything from bluetooth speakers to T-Shirts)

Food and beverages 🍔 (think of the cereal brand at the supermarket that looks suspiciously like another more expensive brand)

Cosmetics and Skincare 💆‍♀️ (same product under different brands)

Health and Wellness 🧘 (things such as dietary supplements)

Pet Care 🐕 (pet food, grooming supplies, etc)

White labeling is really out there as a prevalent business model, however…

What about online small businesses?

In the case of online and web-based small businesses like digital agencies, web designers and freelancers, there’s not necessarily a product to sell (there might be), but there’s a service to offer.

All good service providers know that communication with their clients is one of the most important aspects of the work, so in recent years Client Portal Software has been emerging.

Client Portals answer various necessities of small businesses, but one that seems to be ubiquitous among Client Portals like, SuperOkay, Plutio, Clinked and others is the idea of centralization.

And what does that mean, exactly?

Freelancers know the pain of scattered client communication better than anyone. Jumping between email threads, searching for specific bits of conversations on WhatsApp that never show up when you search them and eventually losing valuable information because it wasn’t properly centralized.

Client Portals like SuperOkay, SuiteDash or Accelo are created to allow users to host all of their project information like documents, images, conversations and more in the same place. At the same time they also allow you to invite your clients and give them the keys to the castle.

As agencies and freelancers started experimenting with Client Portals, solutions like SuperOkay started offering users options to white label the product.

What are the benefits of a white label client portal?

Well, there’s quite a few.

Entrepreneurs understand that no matter the size of your business, looking professional is the name of the game.

Even if your business is only in its beginning stages, projecting a professional image is not just about appearances; it has tangible benefits for a small business’s reputation, growth, and success.

Looking professional adds to your credibility as a business and it instils confidence in your clients.

Also, looking pro will certainly attract new clients who might not have considered your services otherwise.

And lastly, having a professional looking platform for your business certainly adds to your competitive edge over your competitors.

So how exactly does a white label client portal make your business look more professional?

Mostly through customization options.

SuperOkay in specific allows you to do a couple of useful things that our users absolutely love.

No mentions of SuperOkay anywhere on the Client Portal

When you create a Portal in SuperOkay, your client will never look at a SuperOkay logo or mention in all of their interaction. As far as they’re concerned, this is your portal.

– Customize the Portal’s URL with your own domain

As long as you have your own domain name, SuperOkay allows you to customize your portal’s URL with your own domain instead of “superokay.com”.

– Email White Label

SuperOkay allows you to add an email address from your own domain so that notifications arriving in your clients’ inbox regarding the portal come from your address instead of “no-reply@superokay.com”.

– Deep Customization and Branding

Our product was built to offer as much flexibility as possible in the customization and branding department.

SuperOkay allows you to upload logos (both yours and your clients’), change themes, change background images, fonts and a lot more.

This allows you to brand the portal according to your brand guidelines or according to your clients’ brand guidelines. This is done on a portal-by-portal basis, meaning you can customize each portal to each client.

Now, don’t be the digital caveman stuck in the email era. Embrace the future like a tech-savvy time traveler, and make your work life SuperOkay-fied. Go on, try it, it’s free!


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