Essential brief templates for a web design agency

A great website brief is the first critical step of creating a successful website for your clients. It bridges the gap between what a your client envisions for their business and what a website design and development team can create..

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What is a great web design brief?

A well-written and well-composed website design brief is the cornerstone of any successful website. So, taking the time to compose it is very important.

It will smooth out the design and coding stages further down in the process. This in turn will have a positive effect on the quality, cost, and time efficiency. When all involved know what they need to, this will add to the enthusiasm of the team and fewer mistakes.

The website brief details the design processwhat is expected, and what the time frame is. With this, both parties know what is expected of them. It describes deliverablesworkflow, and follow-up support.

Some describe the brief as a website’s business plan. The more information it contains, the easier it is for the development agency to meet the needs and desires of the business owner.

Below are ten important elements to include in a website brief document to ensure that the designer has the information that he needs. These elements should be in the brief regardless of what kind of website it is for or who writes it.

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