How To Find More Clients (Top 5 Proven Strategies)


As a freelancer, growing your client base is essential to making a living and staying afloat. Fortunately, there are proven strategies freelancers can use to find more clients and work opportunities. Here are five of the most successful methods for freelancers to increase their client base.

5 Proven Strategies for Freelancers to Find More Clients

1. Set Up a Professional Client Portal

Setting up a professional client portal is key to freelancing success. It allows freelancers to showcase their work and highlight their services to potential clients. 

When setting up a client portal, be sure to include samples of your best work and create a portfolio. This will give your clients an idea of what they can expect if they hire you. Additionally, make sure to include contact information, including your email address and other ways clients can communicate with you – such as via phone or Skype. 

Having a user-friendly client portal makes it easy for clients to view your work and get in touch with you quickly. Such portals for freelancers are: Basecamp, Notion, Plutio, Nimbus Note and of course SuperOkay. Some of these are not traditional portals, but users found ways to customize them and create a Notion client portal, for example. Of course a better option is to use a purpose made client interface such as SuperOkay which is designed specifically with freelancers and clients in mind. 

You should also include testimonials and reviews from past clients to show potential customers that you are trustworthy and have a track record of successful freelancing engagements. 

Finally, keep your client portal up to date with your most recent works and achievements – this will help boost your visibility and attract more inquiries. With an attractive client portal, freelancers can make a great impression on clients and win over their business. Creating a client portal also makes freelancing more efficient and allows freelancers to manage their workload better. Clients can view freelancer portfolios and contact information quickly, making it easier for them to make decisions and move forward with projects. 

Freelancers can also use the client portal to keep track of potential clients who have contacted them with inquiries. This will save valuable time in the long run as freelancers won’t need to search for potential clients or follow up with them multiple times. A professional client portal will streamline the process of finding new opportunities and is an essential tool for freelancers looking to increase their client base.

2. Leverage Your Existing Network

Leveraging your existing network is another great way freelancers can find clients. Building connections with other freelancers, businesses, and professionals in the same field will open up many doors to new opportunities. 

Reach out to individuals who may benefit from your services – such as business owners or marketers looking for content writers. It’s also a good idea to network with people you already know – such as friends, family members, former colleagues, and acquaintances. They may be able to provide valuable leads and help you find potential clients. 

Additionally, make sure to join freelancing forums and groups on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. These are great places for freelancers to connect and find potential clients. Joining relevant communities will also help freelancers establish themselves as experts in their field and build trust with potential clients. 

Freelancers should also consider attending conferences and trade shows to meet other freelancers and business owners who could hire them. Networking is an invaluable tool freelancers can use to find more work opportunities and increase their client base. Leveraging your existing network also involves creating content to showcase your freelancing skills and services. 

Having an online presence is key for freelancers looking to attract new clients. Consider setting up a website or blog and regularly publishing content in the form of articles, tutorials, ebooks, reviews, or other materials that demonstrate your freelancing expertise. This will help you establish yourself as a leader in the industry and give potential customers more reasons to trust you with their projects. 

Finally, freelancers should consider attending webinars or speaking at events related to freelancing. Doing so will give freelancers exposure and demonstrate their knowledge of the field while allowing them to meet potential clients in person.

3. Take Advantage of Platforms for Freelancers

Freelancers can also take advantage of freelancing platforms to find clients. There are many websites and apps dedicated to freelancing that provide freelancers with access to a wide range of job opportunities from around the world. Platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Fiverr, and 99designs offer freelancers an easy way to connect with potential clients. These sites make it much easier for freelancers to search for projects in their area of expertise and apply quickly. 

Also, freelancers can create custom profiles on these platforms that showcase their skills and portfolio. Doing so will help them stand out from the crowd and give potential clients an idea of what they have to offer. Many freelancing platforms also make it easy for freelancers to communicate with clients and receive payment quickly. This makes freelancing platforms an essential tool for freelancers looking to find new opportunities and increase their client base. Many freelancing platforms also provide freelancers with access to client ratings and reviews which can help freelancers make informed decisions about who they choose to work with. 

Additionally, freelancers can take advantage of the platform’s search functions to find relevant projects in their field of expertise. This will save freelancers time by eliminating irrelevant jobs from the list and helping them target potential clients more efficiently. 

Freelancing platforms also allow freelancers to set up automated payment systems so that they don’t have to manually track invoices or payments. The convenience offered by freelancing platforms makes them an invaluable tool for freelancers looking to increase their client base and find more opportunities quickly and easily.

4. Utilize Social Media to Promote Yourself and Your Services

Social media is an essential tool freelancers can use to promote themselves and their services. Creating a presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will help freelancers establish themselves as experts in the industry and build trust with potential clients. 

Freelancers should share content related to freelancing and their area of expertise, such as tutorials, articles, reviews, or videos that demonstrate their skills and knowledge. This will show potential customers that freelancers are knowledgeable in the field and give them more reasons to trust them with their projects. 

Additionally, freelancers should engage with relevant communities online by joining conversations or starting their discussions about freelancing topics. Doing so will demonstrate freelancers’ commitment to staying up-to-date on industry trends and will likely attract clients who are looking for freelancers with similar expertise. 

Freelancers should also use social media to connect directly with potential clients by responding to comments or sending direct messages. This will create an opportunity for freelancers to establish relationships with clients and make themselves known in the freelancing community. 

Social media platforms also offer freelancers access to a wide range of advertising tools that can be used to target potential clients more effectively. For example, freelancers can use Facebook Ads or Google Ads to promote their services and increase visibility among relevant audiences. These tools provide freelancers with insights into how their ads are performing and help them optimize their campaigns for better results. Utilizing these powerful tools can help freelancers find new opportunities more quickly and build their client base in the freelancing industry.

5. Have a Proactive Approach to Marketing Yourself and Your Work

Having a proactive approach to marketing yourself and your work is another key strategy freelancers should use to find more opportunities. This means freelancers should actively search for clients who are looking for freelancers with their skillset or expertise. By networking with potential clients, freelancers can introduce themselves and effectively pitch their services. 

They can do this by attending events related to freelancing, such as trade shows or workshops, joining industry-related Facebook or LinkedIn groups, or using client portals that allow freelancers to submit proposals and connect directly with clients online. 

Freelancers can also benefit from having a website or portfolio of their own. A freelancer’s website should include information about their skills and experience, as well as examples of their work. Having a website will give freelancers another avenue to showcase their work and establish themselves as an expert in the field. 

Moreover, freelancers should consider creating content related to freelancing topics such as tutorials or blog posts to demonstrate their expertise. This content can be used on freelancer websites, social media platforms, and other online communities where potential clients are likely to find it. By doing this, freelancers can position themselves as go-to experts in the industry and increase their chances of finding more clients who are looking for freelancing services. With a proactive marketing approach, freelancers can make themselves more visible to potential clients and increase the likelihood of finding new freelance opportunities.


Finding freelancing clients can be a difficult task, but freelancers who take the right steps can increase their chances of securing new opportunities. By utilizing the five proven strategies outlined in this article, freelancers can find new clients more effectively and quickly gain visibility in the freelancing community. 

This includes having an effective strategy for marketing oneself and one’s work, engaging with relevant communities online, and utilizing social media platforms and advertising tools to reach potential customers. With hard work and dedication, freelancers can easily grow their client base and make themselves known as go-to experts in their field. So if you’re looking for creative ways to secure freelancing projects, try out these five proven strategies today!

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